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2.5HP Outboard Manual Start Short Shaft

Mariner's renowned four-strokes lead the field by offering an unsurpassed level of smooth power, backed by quiet and smoke-free running and incredible resistance to corrosion. From the new lightweight, portable 2.5hp's, the feature-packed mid range from 40 to 60hp and the powerful, high technology 80 to 115hp's, Mariner four-strokes offer greater boating pleasure than ever before.


Model:2.5HP Outboard Manual Start Short Shaft
Cylinders:Single cylinder
Starting:Manual start
Steering:Short shaft (381mm)
Fuel:Four stroke
Fuel tank:Integral 1.3ltr
Warranty:Five years leisure/ one year commercial

Choosing your engine:

There are a number of points to take into consideration when selecting the correct outboard engine for your boat. The following information is intended as a basic guide only and we would advise that you contact your local Mariner Authorised Dealer who will be able to assist in choosing the correct engine for your boating situation. Please visit the Dealer Locator on the website to find details of your nearest Mariner dealer.

Where will your outboard be used?

The first thing to consider when choosing a suitable outboard engine is where is the outboard mainly being used. Running offshore and in coastal waters will have different requirements than on rivers, canals and lakes. For example lake trolling would call for smooth and quiet operation whilst going offshore would call for speed, acceleration and top-end performance.

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